Work for us

Meraki Talent was founded with the vision of creating an environment for our team which focusses on the “Three C’s” – Clients, Candidates and Colleagues.

We believe if we all focus on fostering great relationships and effective communication channels with these parties then it will create a high-performance environment and first-class experience for all involved.

Our culture is based on our values:

  • Honesty – be true
  • Authenticity – be yourself
  • Integrity – be your word
  • Love – wish them well

Check out this TED Talk to see what inspired our values.

And there’s more to come. We asked our team to provide feedback on what attracted them to and keeps that on the Meraki journey. Here are some of the key things they said:


We are an outcome led organisation. Depending on your level of experience you will be given the autonomy to deliver key results. This is in line with Meraki’s philosophy but also allows you to inject your own personality.


Each individual has their own development plan which is aligned to their career and life goals. This may take the form of structured classroom training or may be an offsite coffee to come up with ideas and solutions to support you in growing your role in the business.


Our view on working patterns is not as dogmatic as other recruitment businesses. We particularly welcome applications from working parents who enjoy recruitment but have not found the environment which allows family and career to align.


To attract the best talent, we are highly competitive on both basic, commission and recognition. Our business is not all about the ‘biggest biller’ and our approach is empathetic to different desks and markets.

Supportive leadership

We have a highly experienced management team who remain client facing and revenue generating. We understand how challenging a position in recruitment can be at times. We are there to support you through both the good and the bad times.

Having a voice

Our business starts and finishes with our people. As a growing and evolving business, we need the thoughts, values and opinions of our people to support and ensure we are building and making Meraki the best that it can be. If you think you have an idea, you simply walk over to a director’s desk and share it. We are building this business together and it’s important that you feel that too.

Working with great people

Great people want to work beside great people. We started this business by hiring what we considered ‘best in class recruiters’ and we’ve added more great people along the way. This has allowed us to grow, with experienced people on hand to give advice and guidance.

Wondering if Meraki Talent could be the business for you? Contact Laura Drysdale on 07710 413 153 or