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    (n.) the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

    At Meraki Talent we are people people. We are a niche organisation in a busy sector, bringing expert knowledge and specialist experience. 180 combined years of professional recruitment experience to be precise. We know the sectors where we work from the inside out: financial services, IT, professional services, business support, sales and marketing.

    We love what we do and believe it is our passion that drives us to make the vital connections between people and opportunities. That's why we use this meraki word.

    But it's not all about us. It's about the connections we can make for you. The opportunities we can unearth. We recruit hundreds of people each year, filling financial services jobs in Scotland and across related business and professional sectors here and further afield.

    Financial Services jobs in Scotland

    The financial services sector plays a vital role to our economy. The sector

    • Employs almost 100,000 people directly and around the same again indirectly
    • Generates around £8 billion for the Scottish economy
    • Manages over £800 billion of funds

    Scotland is internationally recognised as the most important UK financial centre outside London and the South East. The sector is strong and growing, having recovered from the 2008 recession. Meraki Talent can help you find Financial Services jobs in Edinburgh, Glasgow, elsewhere in Scotland, across the UK and internationally.

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    We launched in 2015 and since then have quickly become established as the place to come whether you are a talented professional looking for the perfect opportunity, or a dynamic business looking for real talent. If you are searching for the right people to join your company find out more about our high quality recruitment services.